Deb Jung will work to ensure our public schools remain the very best. As our next County Council Member, she will work to:

  • Ensure that our county invests in our public schools and receive the resources needed to allow all of our children to thrive and succeed.
  • Hold the school system accountable for its budget and make sure that our tax dollars are being used in such a way as to directly impact the classroom.


Deb Jung will make sure our county grows in a sensible manner. She will:

  • Ensure the public‘s voice is heard regarding community growth.
  • Only support development projects that provide sufficient infrastructure for additional traffic in our neighborhoods
  • Make sure developers pay for their fair share for new schools, roads and amenities attributed to the costs of development to reduce the tax burden on Howard County families.
  • Oppose new development in areas where development fees would not result in enough money to build new schools.


There is too much traffic on our roads. That’s why Deb Jung will support:

  • Vital road construction projects to reduce traffic in our neighborhoods and on major roadways that take us to our jobs.
  • Building a more robust transportation network that includes more mass transit, construction of the Bikeway, and a transit center.
  • Mandating that traffic mitigation projects be completed before construction of new development begins.
  • Studying the adequacy of traffic tests used in Columbia Village Center revitalization projects.


Deb Jung will be a leader in protecting our environment for future generations. She will:

  • Fight for more watershed management resources to protect the waterways leading into the Bay from dangerous pollutants.
  • Work to protect our open space and parks from overdevelopment.


Deb Jung will work to make sure the economy works for everyone in our community. That’s why she will:

  • Support programs that provide the training our students need for the jobs of the future.
  • Work to keep the cost of our community colleges down so that all of our young people can afford a college education.
  • Encourage small business growth in our county by providing support to local start-up companies.
  • Do all that is necessary to maintain Howard’s County’s strong fiscal footing and its Triple A bond rating.

“As a Howard County taxpayer for almost 30 years, I believe that county government programs need to be effective, efficient, and fiscally responsible.  I will review budgets with those principles in mind.  I will be a good steward of your tax dollars.”