Deb Jung will work to ensure our public schools remain the very best. As our next County Council Member, she will work to:

  • Ensure that our county invests in our public schools and receive the resources needed to allow all of our children to thrive and succeed.
  • Hold the school system accountable for its budget and make sure that our tax dollars are being used in such a way as to directly impact the classroom.
  • Support funding for measures that enhance school equity.
  • Support funding for school safety, including counseling and mental health services
  • Reduce or eliminate school overcrowding, where possible, by making sure that the recently strengthened Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance is enforced and effective.


Deb Jung will make sure our county grows in a sensible manner. She will:

  • Ensure the public‘s voice is heard regarding community growth. Proposed development or redevelopment in an existing community should be compatible and enhance rather than overwhelm the surrounding neighborhood.
  • Only support development projects where sufficient infrastructure will exist to accommodate the additional traffic and school population projected to be created by the development.   In some parts of  Howard County, development has far outpaced school capacity. This cannot continue. We need to restore the balance between growth and adequate public facilities.
  • Make sure developers pay their fair share for new schools, roads and amenities attributed to the costs of development to reduce the tax burden on Howard County families.
  • Provide strong oversight of the Downtown Columbia Redevelopment project and ensure that it is consistent with the General Plan Amendment goals and requirements.
  • Revise the Zoning and other Land-Use regulations to update,  simplify, and clarify requirements and administrative processes, particularly with respect to New Town Zoning.
  • Tackle the tough land-use, environmental, and historic preservation issues in Ellicott City and the nearby watersheds. While recognizing that public safety is paramount, it is important not to lose Ellicott City’s sense of place and history. Deb Jung will look for options that can  build on the existing adopted plan and further reduce potential flood volume and velocity while minimizing adverse historic preservation impacts.


There is too much traffic on our roads. That’s why Deb Jung will support:

  • Additional resources for public transit consistent with the recommendations of the 2018 Central Maryland Transit Development Plan, including local route and service expansions and reconfigurations, capital investments, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to provide express bus service along the US 29 Corridor, and improved connections to nearby MARC stations.
  • A transit center and a “Circulator” type bus in Columbia Town Center.
  • Vital road construction projects to reduce traffic in our neighborhoods and on major roadways that take us to our jobs, including improvements to MD 32 and MD 108 and US 29 corridors.
  •  Access improvements to the Rivers Edge Community as well as  streetscape improvements in Clarksville
  • Continuing and expanding local road resurfacing projects.
  • Building a more robust transportation network to implement the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plans, including pedestrian, ADA access, safety, and sidewalk construction projects. Howard County needs to be more walkable. Bicycle infrastructure needs to be significantly improved in the near-term, including additional connections to Downtown Columbia, Gateway Center, and in North Laurel.
  • Mandating that traffic mitigation projects be completed before construction of new development begins.
  • Studying the adequacy of traffic tests used in Columbia Village Center redevelopment projects.


Deb Jung will be a leader in protecting our environment for future generations. She will:

  • Promote sustainability to protect both our environment and economy.
  • Fight climate change by updating the Howard County Climate Action Plan and investing in renewable energy and public transit opportunities.
  • Support policies that ensure development meets the best interests of the community and protects the environment.  This will include a review of the effectiveness of County stormwater management and forest conservation programs with the goal of strengthening them.
  • Support continuation of the County Watershed Protection and Restoration Fee to fund necessary stormwater and watershed restoration projects.
  • Work to protect our open space and parks from encroachment and overdevelopment.


Deb Jung has spent most of her career as an attorney in the non-profit sector and understands the importance of serving the needs of vulnerable populations, including seniors of modest means. She will:

  • Focus on the adequacy of County “aging in place”, senior center initiatives and programming, as well as the shortage of low income and extremely low income rental housing for seniors in Howard County.
  • Support increased funding for mental health for public awareness, screening and interventions in our public schools and community. This includes funding for Grassroots, the Mobile Crisis Team, HopeWorks (for survivors of domestic or sexual abuse, and Suicide Prevention efforts.
  • Be a true partner with non-profits that focus on children and youth with special needs, including transition programs to adulthood such as employment and housing.
  • Be a strong voice for greater resources to combat the Opioid Crisis, particularly with regard to prescription drug abuse, heroin and fentanyl, which is at crisis levels in Howard County and throughout the nation. Through June, the County had experienced 24 fatal overdoses and 101 non-fatal overdoses. This is a complex and deadly problem with a need for heightened public awareness to reduce stigma. We need increased funding for screening and referral of individuals at risk for substance abuse, intervention and treatment services (including the distribution and training for use of Naxalone), and more law enforcement interdiction to keep these drugs off the street.


Deb Jung will work to make sure the economy works for everyone in our community. That’s why she will:

  • Maintain a top notch school system and community college that offer quality instruction to provide the training our students need for the jobs of the future. Community college tuition needs to be kept affordable. An educated workforce is a key component to attracting and retaining business, growing the tax base, and ensuring a high quality of life.
  • Work to keep the cost of our community colleges down so that all of our young people can afford a college education.
  • Focus economic development efforts on attracting and retaining high technology companies, particularly in sectors such as information technology, defense, cybersecurity, and the life sciences, including health sciences. These sectors create the high paying jobs necessary to grow the commercial tax base.
  • Encourage small business growth and innovation in our county by continuing to provide support to local start-up companies and others at the Gateway Innovation District and support efforts by the Equal Business Opportunity Commission to increase access to County procurement by minority, women and disabled business enterprises.
  • Focus on community design to create an attractive mixed-use environment for the workforce and others to live nearby. This is occurring in Downtown Columbia and in Maple Lawn. Deb Jung is a big supporter of arts programming and facilities in Howard County. Besides its intrinsic value, the Arts are a major economic driver.
  • Look for opportunities to increase affordable housing and will support additional investments in the Moderate Income Housing Program (MIHU) homeownership and rental programs. While the affordable housing requirements for Downtown Columbia need to be monitored, affordable housing should not be concentrated and should be scattered throughout the County.
  • Support efforts to raise the minimum wage. If efforts to pass statewide legislation in the General Assembly fail, Deb Jung will introduce legislation for consideration by the Howard County Council to achieve that objective.
  • Do all that is necessary to maintain Howard’s County’s strong fiscal footing and its Triple A bond rating. This includes ensuring that County spending is efficient and effective and in line with the County’s strategic objectives in both the short and long-term.

“As a Howard County taxpayer for 30 years, I believe that county government programs need to be effective, efficient, and fiscally responsible.  I will review budgets with those principles in mind.  I will be a good steward of your tax dollars.”

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